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Impregnating Agent


BMW Motorrad


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BMW Motorrad Impregnating Agent is a unique combination of substances, developed exclusively for BMW For re-waterproofing and re-oilproofing large-area textiles made of natural and synthetic fibres

  • Suitable for textiles, smooth leather and napped leather, for motorcycling suits, boots and gloves.
  • Forms an invisible, monomolecular, water-repelling film around each fibre.
  • The protective film is ultra-thin, so it has no detrimental effect on the appearance or the grip of the fabric, and the same applies to its breathability.
  • Use: Make sure the fabric is clean and dry before applying the waterproofing agent. Make sure that all traces of detergents are rinsed off as thoroughly as possible with plenty of clean water, because their presence will detract from the waterproofing effect. Spray the waterproofing agent evenly on to the fabric until it is wetted all over, but not too damp. When working section by section, make sure that the spray applications overlap. Then allow to dry thoroughly (approx. 5-10 minutes at 20 °C). The efficacy of the treatment can be checked by dripping water on to the treated surface: if the drops do not bead on the fabric the treatment will have to be repeated.

Please Note

  • Once opened, proceed to use all of the product in the container rapidly.
  • Before use, check colour fastness by applying the product to an inconspicuous part of the fabric.
  • Do not use on closed plastic surfaces.
  • Do not spray on to glass or plastic lenses or painted surfaces.
  • If over-application occurs and results in a whitish residue becoming visible after drying, simply brush off.
  • Note on safety: Highly flammable.

BMW Motorrad

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