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Functional Detergent


BMW Motorrad


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  • Unique combination of substances, developed exclusively for BMW
  • Suitable for high-quality BMW motorcycle clothing, outdoor wear, sportswear and microfibre textiles
  • Also suitable for suits with membrane technology (laminate, liner or insert), because waterproofing and windproofing and breathability capabilities are retained even after repeated washing.
  • Forms an ultra-thin, invisible protective film on the surface of the material.
  • Easy to use (like any ordinary detergent): Simply pour 50 ml (1.5 caps) of the functional detergent into the washing machine's detergent compartment. The product can also be applied directly to areas of heavy soiling. Select the washing machine program for easy-care washables with rinsing. Do not wash more than 1 item of clothing at a time and do not spin dry. For a hand-wash add the functional detergent to an ample quantity of lukewarm water and wash out the item of clothing, then rinse thoroughly with plenty of clean water. Check the label on the item of clothing for information about care and temperatures.

BMW Motorrad

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